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‘Furs’ is a short film about a fussy writer battling his large ego and high expectations to create a work of art


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We have a website!!! This is obvious because you are reading this on the website news page, but it is news, and we need to start with something...


01.05.2018 - 15:50pm

Holy heck - that went quickly. I meant to update the site constantly but other things got in the way. Like life. And work. But here we are. So... news... we finished the film! That was exciting. Pretty much 4 years in the making since first reading the story, till finishing the last of the post production. And then making one last cut a year later. The benefit in the film taking so long to make, was that I was able to come back and look at it with fresh eyes, which I very much appreciated. I feel like I should break the news up to make more of it...


01.05.2018 - 15:55pm

Back again! So we started entering the film into festivals... and it started getting into them, which was a huge relief. The world premiere of I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs took place at the San Fransisco International Film Festival. We really wanted to go but I got a job, which was my first of the year so I had to take it. Pity, the redwood forests are top of my list to check out too.


01.05.2018 - 16:00pm

Athens International Film & Video Festival! We also got into this right after San Fran. So far the Americans seem to be digging the short, which is great. Very interested to see how it goes down elsewhere. You get a lot of NO's when you enter your film into festivals, which can be painful. The first is the worst, but then it gets a little easier each time. Then it's like water off a ducks back as they say. But it was especially lovely to get 2 YES's in a row.


01.05.2018 - 16:05pm

Cannes Short Film Corner! We also got into this, which is a funny one. It's a festival, but it's kinda not. It's a selection process, but it's also kinda not. They accept quite a lot of shorts, but not everything gets in. Of course, any chance to be associated with the Cannes festival is a good one. A highlight for us is that Swaddled In Furs was chosen by Danny Lennon (Film Curator at the Phi Centre and programmer at Prends ça court!) as a Short Film Corner favorite, which means it's highlighted in the SFC catalogue and in the Cannes film library. Nice.



Posters! We just had 6 big-ass A0 sized posters printed out for the film. They look amazing. I collected film posters as a kid and my room was always full of them so this is a huge buzz for me. What a geek. Oh... and the posters were printed out for two festivals in particular, that I will be announcing over the next two weeks...



Edinburgh International Film Festival! Heck yes. That's the UK premiere right there. I would love to go. Edinburgh would be lovely this time of year.



Palm Springs! Thanks to the New Zealand Film Commission we'll be making our way to this to see the film on the big screen with an audience for the first time. A big thank you to them.



More Palm Springs! We've just been told that Swaddled In Furs is in competition for the main jury prize! Exclamation mark!


21.06. 2018

Rhode Island International Film Festival! Another one for America. Things seem to be gaining momentum for the film there, which is very exciting. Our little short was plucked out of a record 6000 entries. We have another couple of exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks...



Our first screening with an audience. Producer Jimena Murray and myself watched the film with an audience for the first time last night at Palm Springs. The program was packed out to the point where they were having to turn people away. The 'Caution' sign in the theater toilet with the stylized human figure slipping over summed up how I felt. Like totally losing my footing and throwing my hands up in joy at the same time. This was a strangely joyous caution sign. Everyone laughed in the correct moments of the film, so we were pretty happy. This was followed by our first Q & A, and surprisingly, most of the audience stayed to ask us and the two other film making teams questions about our films. It was pretty special. There won't be another first screening of our first film again...



Stuff! Yes, stuff has happened. We've gotten into a whole bunch of other festivals, which has been amazing. The New Zealand premiere at the NZIFF was a real buzz. We got to see our little film play at our favorite New Zealand cinema - the Civic. I remember going there as a kid and thinking that the cinema had a real sense of magic to it, and it still does. We also got to watch it there with friends and family, which was very special. What else, we've got our Canadian premiere at Calgary coming up, our second UK festival playing at the brilliant Aesthetica, our European premiere at Berlin Down Under and some more American festivals; Heartland - Indy Shorts International Film Fest, Salute Your Shorts and LA Shorts Fest. We also have our Australian premiere to announce shortly and a really interesting sounding global film festival. And did someone say awards?!? Yes I think they did. We received an Award Of Excellence from One-Reeler and a whole heck-load of awards from the IMDb Independent Shorts Awards: Best Comedy Short, Gold for First Time Director (which could maybe be re-worded as 'First Time Film maker'), Silver for Cinematography and Silver for Original Music. I'm not at the Academy Awards, but I would like to thanks a whole bunch of people, especially the crew, who were all massive investors in the project and are all incredible at what they do.





Jimena Murray - Producer jimena@finchcompany.com

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